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Trianon Renewable Grid Stability

Trianon Renewable Grid Stability, LLC (Trianon Grid) is a technology commercialization and marketing firm whose product is a revolutionary control software which enhances the performance of power inverters, enabling solar and other renewable facilities to deliver high-quality electricity, helping to stabilize the grid and facilitate the implementation of a grid powered entirely with renewable energy.

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Trianon Renewable Grid Stability (Trianon Grid) has secured certain U.S. rights to a patented and proprietary control algorithm software that can be integrated with the control software for virtually any conventional three-phase electric power inverter to transform that inverter, without making any modifications to its hardware, into a “synchronverter.”

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September 2, 2020

EPIC Forum: Reimagining Buildings for a Carbon Neutral Future.

Golove recently spoke about the synchronverter at the California Energy Commission EPIC Forum: A recording of his presentation can be found at:


August 2, 2020

Winds of Change in the Turbine Service Industry